There are 2 types of Rebates.
Federal Government Financial Incentive
Retail Feed-in Tariff Incentive

Federal Government Financial Incentive:

The Federal government gives a financial incentive in the form of STC’s (Sustainable Technology Certificates) or REC’s(Renewable Energy certificates) when you get the solar energy system installed at your property. This rebate is actually an upfront discount which will be deducted from the total cost of the system. These rebates help residential and business groups to install the Solar Power.

The way this rebate works is, the Australian Government is encouraging the adoption of renewable energy in Australia through a Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme. The RET scheme guarantees a market for additional renewable energy generation by trading the STC’s. STC’s are backed by the Australian Government and traded in an open market. STC price is set by the government and may be subject to change over time. Initially it has been fixed at $40, but always fluctuates.

These STC’s indicate that you are playing your role for green environment by reducing the carbon emissions.
Hassle free Rebate claiming procedure:

When you select Divine Solar as your residential or commercial solar power grid connect supplier and installer, we simplify the rebates process for you. Here’s how the process works through us:

  1. One of our experts will come out and do a solar assessment for your home.
  2. They will offer you your required solar system with the STC rebate deducted from the purchase amount.
  3. Accept our offer for your solar power system.
  4. Divine Solar installs your system.
  5. You don’t have to go through the hassle procedure of claiming the rebates as Divine Solar takes that responsibility


A Feed In Tariff is a premium paid by your electricity retailer for any solar energy that you generate and feed it back to grid instead of using it in the house. There are two types of feed in tariffs: Net and Gross.

Gross Feed-in-Tariff:

In this system, your solar panels are directly connected to the grid and the NSW government use to pay upto 60c per unit for every unit exported to the grid. You couldn’t use the generated solar power in your house. This system ended in early 2011.

Net Feed-in-Tariff:

This is the present system, your solar panels are connected to your house mains. You first use the solar power in your house and any leftover will be exported to the grid. You get paid little between 6c-8c for every unit exported to grid. But you are saving money on your electricity bills as you are using your own solar power.

Majority of the customers are mainly with 3 retailers:

Origin – pays a feed-in-tariff of 6c
Energy Australia – pays a feed-in-tariff of 7c
AGL – pays a feed-in-tariff of 8c